My Story

I started my career working in local TV and radio. I learned how things were done by observing and asking questions – a tenacity that afforded me the chance to work in a variety of roles both behind the scenes and on-air at a very young age.

After obtaining a diploma in TV Production, I shifted my focus from broadcasting to marketing. I spent the next several years developing strategy and producing web, video and print content to help businesses and organizations get their message out.

I kept my toes wet in the broadcasting world by doing occasional freelance news gathering when major news broke in Northern BC or Alberta. I hosted and produced Issues & Answers, a weekly current affairs radio show and podcast.

In 2008, I was the technical founder of – a pioneering web-first local news site, anchored by the newsroom of a locally owned radio station. I was responsible for the site’s back-end and developed a strategy to introduce web advertising to local businesses.

My lack of discipline with the finer details of managing a company caught up to me in 2012. I lost the company and went through a painful period in my life. Because of failure, I’m stronger, smarter and energized towards success than I’ve ever been.

I’m evaluating my mistakes and successes in a business book manuscript, “Clusterfuck Management”.

To begin the process of rebuilding my life I moved to Calgary to explore what city life had to offer me.

The first steps were to get healthy and find a job. I began using public transit for the first time in my life, and eventually developed a love of cycling.

In 2013, I started working for the Apple Store. Working on the front lines of a company I’ve always admired was the perfect next step for me. I learned so much about people, teamwork and technology. In early 2015, I made the decision to move on and seek out a new adventure.

After leaving Apple, I’ve been working with a number of different organizations and individuals on helping them to get the most from technology. I’m currently living (mostly) off-the-grid in a cabin in Northern British Columbia and travelling around the Peace Country with my partner, a Chef and food artist from Mexico.